Bass Pro Shops Orlando Family Summer Camp

Bass Pro Shop Orlando Summer Camp

The Family Summer Camp is winding down at Bass Pro Shops; but don’t you worry- you still have time to participate! The Family Summer Camp is going on through Sunday, July 26th, with workshops being held on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday! The best part is all activities, workshops, and crafts are FREE!

The kids workshops are just under 30 minutes each, and they include a class, a handout with questions, a scavenger hunt in store, games and a coloring sheet, and you receive a pin for participating. There are 9 workshops in all. They also have a lanyard, while supplies last.

Workshop schedule: 


12 pm Bird Watching

1 pm Fishing

2 pm Archery

3 pm Kayaking

4 pm Backyard Adventures


12 pm Archery

1 pm Shooting & Hunting

2 pm Travel Safety

3 pm Water Safety

4 pm Camping


12 pm Fishing

1 pm Water Safety

2 pm Shooting & Hunting

3 pm Kayaking

4 pm Bird Watching


12 pm Shooting & Hunting

1 pm Archery

2 pm Travel Safety

3 pm Camping

4 pm Backyard Adventure


In addition to the workshops they have an Archery Range, Casting Buckets, and a Daisy BB Gun Range (Some age restrictions apply) from noon until 5 pm.

We love the staff at the Orlando location. Even though he is a little bit too little for some of their activities on his own, they are really great and get on his level to help him.



Last, but definitely not least, our favorite parts are the crafts, they are from noon-2 pm (although ours usually has them through 5 pm!) For the final week, (Tuesday the 21st, Thursday the 23rd, Saturday the 25th & Sunday the 26th) they will be making a lady bug clip magnet.

 This is the bee wind chime that he made on the first week!

Make sure you stop in to see the activities if you are in the area.  They are a lot of fun and very informative!  See their website for more details!

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