Take A Spin At The Richard Petty Driving Experience With Jeremiah

We are really excited to have Jeremiah Good joining us today to share his Richard Petty Driving #DriveRPDEVIP experience with us today!!!


Jeremiah Good writes for www.laughingplace.com as well as does the Walt Disney World side of the Window to the Magic podcast, he has been a life long fan of Disney “and a heck of a paleontologist” recently moving to Florida to be around all things that is the Mouse. He is also single has baby blue eyes and enjoys long walks on the beach….at the Polynesian Village Resort!

Richard Petty Driving Experience Sign
Photo: Jeremiah Good

If you ask any Walt Disney World bus driver what the fastest attraction on property is, odds are high you’ll hear Test Track or some maybe sneaky and tell you the Monorail because it can go faster then they let it…but any answer they give will be wrong unless they tell you about the Richard Petty Driving Experience!

Richard Petty Driving Experience Speedway Sign
Photo: Jeremiah Good

In 1995 a 1 mile tri-oval track was built in the parking lot area for the Magic Kingdom as a venue for the Izod IndyCar Series and is now the exclusive home to Richard Petty Driving Experience year-round. For anyone who doesn’t know the name Richard Petty, it’s time to move out from under that rock! Richard Petty aka The King raced in over 1,100 races over the span of 35 years and has a list of wins and top 10 finishes that would make Lightning McQueen blow a gasket!

Richard Petty Driving Experience Exotic Cars
Photo: Jeremiah Good
The Driving Experience actually offers more than just 1 experience, they offer so many it is just easier to go to www.drivepetty.com and find the one that fits you the best. The main opportunities for ride-alongs are in the NASCAR style cars which are custom built for the Driving Experience each coasting somewhere right around $80,000 dollars each! With the ride-along you are sitting shotgun for a minimum of 3 laps reaching speeds of up to 120mph (see told you the bus driver was wrong) while a trained driver pushes the car you are in to the red line! If NASCAR is not your thing they also offer ride-alongs in exotic supercars such as that dream Lamborghini or Porsche we all wanted as kids!
Richard Petty Driving Experience Junior Ride Along
Photo: Jeremiah Good
Speaking of kids, they have also just added a Junior Ride-Along for little ones ages 6-14 who feel that need for speed! Added just recently The Richard Petty Driving Experience teamed with the folks at Pixar to create some custom Cars named Aikin Axler and Sage VanDerSpin that really give kids the feeling they are right there at the Piston Cup with Lightning racing. There is no need to worry about the precious cargo because these cars only reach a top speed of 100mph and were specially designed to keep the little ones safe!
Richard Petty Driving Experience Ride-along sign
Photo: Jeremiah Good
While this may not seem like the best way to spend a few hours out of your vacation, I can say without a shadow of a doubt someone in your party would jump at the chance to feel what it feels like to be strapped in a car for the fastest ride in Walt Disney World!
Richard Petty Driving Experience Car Close Up
Photo: Jeremiah Good
Prices do vary with experiences to please visit www.drivepetty.com and visit the Orlando track for more information.
Richard Petty Driving Experience Jeremiah on the track
Photo: Jeremiah Good


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