Calling All WWE Fans! Connor’s Cure Could Use Your Help!

Hello! My name is Shelley Caran, and I am not ashamed to say that I am a lifelong WWE fan.

Connor's Cure WWE NXT Takeover Shelley and Dave
Dave and I at WWE NXT at Full Sail University

I grew up watching wrestling (My Uncle Isadore almost jumped in a ring with Hulk Hogan…but that is another story for another time), I have argued intensely with my brother over our one Sargent Slaughter GI Joe Figure, and I did what Hulk Hogan told me to do (Train, Take your vitamins, Say your prayers, and Believe in yourself).

WWE Sergeant Slaughter Connor's Cure Bracelets
I **may** have sent this picture to my brother with the text ‘Guess who won in the end?’…

As I got older my husband and I bonded in college by watching WWE, and now we are raising a little girl who runs around the house singing The Mountie’s theme song (thank you WWE Network), and she tells everyone she wants to be Stephanie McMahon when she grows up.

WWE Stephanie McMahon Connor's Cure
Zoe in her Stephanie outfit for the Royal Rumble earlier this year.

There is an amazing moment that happens when you realize that someone you just met or know is a wrestling fan, too. It is almost as if there is this switch that is flipped, and all of sudden you find yourself talking about your favorite moment or memory.

That passion for being a fan is what brings us all together. We share laughter over funny moments, anger over matches where the ‘wrong’ wrestler won, sadness over those that are no longer with us, and there is no joy like the joy you get when someone shares your favorite tag team.

WWE NXT With Kids
Seriously, this is one of my favorite pictures of Zoe!!!

I have been extremely fortunate to meet several WWE and WWE NXT Superstars, and what always strikes me is that this passion is shared on both sides of the ring.

And now we as fans have an opportunity to put this passion towards a great cause!

When I first saw Connor Mason Michalek’s story, my heart broke and was full of joy at the same time as I watched so many people come together to help such a great little guy.


Watching that short video I shed tears for Connor’s joy and with his father’s loss. The moments when Stephanie rolls up the sleeves on Connor’s sweatshirt and when Show looks over at him using his ‘Wrestlemania’ voice really hit home with me, because those are things we would all do.

Now you may ask what can we do as fans that will help? 

Connor's Cure
Picture from

In the WWE Shop, you will find a bracelet that benefits the great Connor’s Cure Fund that has been created by Paul “HHH” Levesque and Stephanie McMahon. The Connor’s Cure Fund will help do what Connor would have wanted, to save other children’s lives.

Connor's Cure Bracelet WWE
Picture from

100% of the Net Proceeds received by WWE from the sale of this bracelet will be given to THE CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL OF PITTSBURGH FOUNDATION, for the benefit of THE CONNOR’S CURE FUND, One Children’s Hospital Drive, 4401 Penn Avenue Central Plant, Floor 3 Pittsburgh, PA 15224. Please note that the purchase of this item is not a tax deductible event.

Picture from @connorscure on Instagram
Picture from @connorscure on Instagram

On Instagram, Connor’s Fathers shared a picture and the backstory of the bracelets.

Brief backstory of the new Bracelets for #ConnorsCure. When Connor first found out he was seeing his “Queen of the WWE” again, he insisted he get her something. He decided on making her a beaded necklace, as he put it, something “pretty” for her. First the little guy asked me if his high School girl Erica would be mad at him, cause in Connors mind he and Erica were getting married soon as possible:)) when I assured him it would be ok, he sat down and started making Steph her bead necklace. It was a difficult project for him because after his brain surgeries he had trouble with fine motor skills. But the never give up boy fought through it, and made sure it was just the way he wanted. He also took the time to make bracelets for her daughters. Connor was so excited to give Steph her necklace. When Steph seen it her eyes gleamed with happiness. It was a Raw night and Steph as usual looked incredible. When she came out to the ring, she had taken off her beautiful jewelry she was wearing for t.v. and what did she have on, Connor’s bead necklace. She even took the time to rearrange the letters on the beads so you could see Connor put the letters I Love Stephanie on the necklace. Connor was ecstatic to see she was wearing his present to her. He was, and should of been, so proud of himself. It was not easy for him to make. And God knows how proud I was of him. Now, as Steph continues to show her love of kids and commitment to ConnorsCure, they now are making the beaded bracelet in Connors memory, with all profits going to fight cancer. As Connor said in beads, I Love You Stephanie!! In this picture you can see Steph on TV wearing Connor’s present:)

Connor's Cure Bracelet
From @StephMcMahon

I know that it’s the holidays and that we all have budgets, but $4.99 can really make a difference!

While I have had the amazing opportunity to work with WWE in the past, I want everyone to know that this post is in no way compensated or suggested to me by them. I just wanted to share this great story and opportunity to help a little boy that has passed away continue his dream to help others from one fan to another.

I have put my $4.99 where my mouth is and ordered my Connor’s Cure bracelet, and I hope that you order one soon, too!

You can find more information on Connor’s Cure by following them on Twitter, Instagram, and by visiting

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