Halloween Party Costume Fun

One of my favorite things about attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is people watching and checking out all the great Halloween costumes. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that the Magic Kingdom is one of the few places it is okay for an adult without a kid to trick or treat and subsequently bring home two full bags of Halloween candy. The Boo To You Halloween Parade is my favorite and do you ever really get tired of Happy Hallowishes? I think not.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures I took of costumes from the Halloween Party the other night. I had a great time and got to do almost everything I wanted due to some well executed plans. I saw so many awesome Halloween costumes and some were so creative and well planned I wish I had thought of them. Some of them I didn’t recognize and wish I had asked who they were. The most prevalent I think were probably Anna and Elsa for the girls, Captain America for the guys, Rapunzel for ladies, and Batman for the boys. All in all it was a ton of fun and I asked everyone if I could take their picture before I took it, especially making sure I got permission from parents before taking kids’ pics. Hope you enjoy!

Halloween party pics
Sanderson Sisters from the movie Hocus Pocus
Photo Sep 21, 6 39 27 PM
Smarty Pants!
Photo Sep 21, 6 39 45 PM
This one was tough … Chicken Cordon Bleu (get it? cord on blue)
Photo Sep 21, 6 40 04 PM
Ceiling Fan
Photo Sep 21, 6 44 20 PM
Flynn aka Eugene and Rapunzel
Photo Sep 21, 6 53 47 PM
Ariel, Maleficent, and Anna
Photo Sep 21, 6 55 08 PM
Haunted Mansion Stretching Room Portraits
Photo Sep 21, 6 57 01 PM
Rapunzel and Belle
Photo Sep 21, 6 58 45 PM
Puppet girl?, Minnie Mouse, Pocahontas, Mia from the Princess Diaries, Megara, and Vanellope Von Schweetz
Photo Sep 21, 7 00 02 PM
Cruella de Vil and the Orange Bird
Photo Sep 21, 7 02 39 PM
Candy Corn, Cotton Candy, and Candy Dots
Photo Sep 21, 7 03 13 PM
Baby Flounder, two Ariels, two Erics, and there was a mini Sebastian too!
Photo Sep 21, 7 04 10 PM
Green Power Ranger and Gladiators
Photo Sep 21, 7 06 30 PM
Sorcerer Mickey with Brooms and cameo by Daisy
Photo Sep 21, 7 09 29 PM
Belle, Supergirl, the Flash, and Captain America
Photo Sep 21, 7 10 55 PM
Elsa, Jake (very excited about his candy sans his Neverland Pirates), Mary Poppins, and Bert
Photo Sep 21, 7 15 35 PM
Ursula, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Wreck It Ralph, Kevin, Russell, Fix It Felix, and Jubileena Bing-Bing
Photo Sep 21, 7 18 27 PM
I found Waldo several times
Photo Sep 21, 7 19 31 PM
This mini John Cena was so adorable
Photo Sep 21, 7 34 15 PM
This baby Batman was the most precious and bad ass thing I saw all night!
Photo Sep 21, 7 40 53 PM
Captain America
Photo Sep 21, 7 45 33 PM
Indiana Jones, Cinderella, Snow White, and Maleficent
Photo Sep 21, 8 25 02 PM
Batman and Robin
Photo Sep 21, 8 30 36 PM
Photo Sep 21, 8 31 33 PM
Such a cute little Star-Lord
Photo Sep 21, 8 42 12 PM
Agent Carter, Scrawny Steve, and the Winter Soldier
Photo Sep 21, 10 19 53 PM
Sulley and Mike
Photo Sep 21, 11 32 36 PM
An awesome mine train over the stroller
Photo Sep 24, 4 35 57 PM
Shelley caught this pic of an amazing Drax and Gamora complete with a baby Groot!


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