Shopping With Character: Minnie Mouse

Shopping at Walt Disney World is always a lot of fun, and a great way to show your #DisneySide is by shopping with character!

I enjoy adding a bit of my favorite character to my everyday outfit or even my beauty routine.

While staying ‘budget friendly’ with gifts and souvenirs can be a challenge, I found some great ideas for under $25!

Since my favorite character is Minnie Mouse, I thought I would start with her!

Shopping With Character: Minnie Mouse


Anytime I can find a kiss-lock coin purse I am over the moon! This embossed silicone coin purse is perfect at $9.95! I like to use them for keeping my earbuds, cord, and a brick organized in my backpack or purse.


When I picked up this embroidered vinyl cosmetic case, and saw that it was only $9.95 I was thrilled. It would be great for keeping items like pencils organized, small necessities in a purse together that end up in a mess in the bottom (I hope that is not just me…), and even as a way to keep things like boarding passes and passports organized for longer trips. This pouch is a great bargain for any use!


Want to add a touch of bling to an outfit? These rhinestone classic three circle Mickey Mouse silhouette bobby pins are awesome. They are super sparkly and useful, and at $19.95 a really playful touch for a fancier outfit.


I adore wearing a bow in my hair, and for $9.95 this fabric bow is fun and durable! I am also a sucker for polka dots, so it is the best of both worlds for me!


If you don’t like to wear bobby pins, these rhinestone and pearl classic three circle Mickey Mouse silhouette head bands are for you. At $16.95 you really can’t go wrong!


You can also find these rhinestone classic three circle Mickey Mouse silhouette hair bands that are $14.95 for two. These are great if you like to wear a band around your wrist.


Beautifully Disney has some amazing brushes, and this Minnie Mouse inspired Kabuki brush is no exception. For $21.95, this high quality brush is a great value.


If you are looking for a utility pouch that is on the larger side, this pie-eyed Minnie Mouse vinyl case would be a good choice at $19.95.


Beautifully Disney has this red and black polka dotted vinyl large cosmetic case with bow and mirror for $24.95. I like these vinyl cosmetic cases, because if a powder or eyeshadow breaks the clean up is easy.


And rounding out my list is the zip ID Mickey and Minnie Mouse Bouncing Bouquet case from Vera Bradley. The Disney Vera Bradley Collection is wildly popular, and even on a small piece like this you can still get a glimpse of a character. This one takes some patience, because if you are set on finding the perfect one for you it could take some time.

I hope that you enjoyed a look at how you can add a touch of your favorite character to your wardrobe on a budget.

What is your favorite character to add as you are shopping with character?

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Author: Shelley

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2 thoughts on “Shopping With Character: Minnie Mouse”

    1. I would check under Park Merchandise, however you may want to consider contacting Walt Disney World Merchandise Guest Services/Mail Order at 1-877-560-6477.

      When you call them make sure that you give them as much detail as you can including what shop you saw it in (these were in MouseGear at Epcot), color, and price.

      The charges are usually less than personal shopping services.

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