Videodrome At The Enzian


Wednesday Night Pitcher Show:

Grab a beer (or two) and some munchies at Eden Bar and enjoy a FREE outdoor movie on the lawn at Enzian. Come thirsty for Jell-o shot movie trivia before the show!

Starring James Woods & Deborah Harry in one of her first film roles, VIDEODROME is one of writer/director David Cronenberg’s most original and provocative works, fusing social commentary with shocking elements of sex and violence. With groundbreaking special effects makeup by Academy Award®-winner Rick Baker, VIDEODROME has come to be regarded as one of the most influential and mind-bending science fiction films of the 1980s.

To help with traffic and parking Enzian will now have valet parking available for every WednesdayNight Pitcher Show for $3 per car. Show your valet stub for a FREE popcorn! Free parking is also available at First Watch and State Farm across the street.

This event is FREE & open to the public!

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Is An Awesome Mix #SpoilerFree #YoureWelcome


I want to welcome you to the end of Act 2 and beginning of Act 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Guardians of the Galaxy (yeah I know technically Age of Ultron ends Phase 2, but this one is an Act change). Having just seen the movie for a third time, I want to let you know that it holds up very well across multiple viewings.  My only real regret at the moment is that these were all previews. That means there was no not-so-secret end credits teaser scene, and that I’ll have to see Guardians again just to catch that part.  Sorry, that’s a lie, I don’t regret having to see this movie again at all.

Know that Guardians of the Galaxy is a movie that is designed to appeal to a much wider audience than prior Marvel films.  Why? Because it’s not a movie about Superheroes, it’s a movie about heroism forged through sacrifice.  It’s also about murderers, thieves, bounty hunters, assassins – and that’s just the stars and heroes of the movie.  Don’t worry though you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover.  In comics, the desire and ability to do good often comes with missteps.  You’re just going to see the worst of them, become the best of them and save the universe.

Wrong minded people might not want to see a movie where 2 of the stars are a vocabulary challenged floral colossus named Groot and a bipedal, gun-toting procyon lotor with anger management issues named Rocket.  It’s a shame really because what they’d see on the screen are creatures that are so well engineered (more-so in Rocket’s case) that it’s almost hard to believe they are not living things.  That and Groot is in so many ways one of the most beautiful things you’ll have seen on screen in a very long time that you will cry.  And if that still doesn’t convince them about this movie then, to quote said racoon, “They’re d’ast idiots!”

From everything I saw on the screen, I can only say that despite all the changes from the comic books this is actually superb bit of silver screen magic packaged in a way to keep even the staunchest of comic book fans happy.  There are a number of things I’m pretty sure I saw with my only regret so far being no sign of a mane of red, white, and blue.  I can’t wait to get this film home in a few months so I can pause and study to my heart’s content.  And note there’s a Hidden Mickey that I didn’t see until my third viewing.

Right minded people will notice that this movie is far less like Avengers, and far more like Star Wars or even Firefly. As I indicated above that gives us a movie that more people can in a lot of ways more easily consume.  It’s a strong showing for Marvel as they push to keep this freight train moving ever forward (at least through 2019), and Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be in theaters for many months to come.

* Now read the first word of each paragraph

In addition to doing the web design and programming for the On the Go in MCO website, Todd Perlmutter is a host for the Disney Film Project Podcast.

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A peek at Four Seasons Resort Orlando


4 seasons Four Seasons Resort Orlando

This week we got to take a look at the all new Four Seasons Resort Orlando, at Walt Disney World! The resort doesn’t officially open until August 3rd, but everything is looking amazing and ready for opening day!

Four Seasons Resort Orlando

The Four Seasons Resort Orlando is located within the prestigious Golden Oak Community, you enter through the main gates, although separate gated entrances ensure privacy for the residents from resort guests.

The resort features a Tom-Fazio championship designed golf course, a world-class spa and an ‘explorer island’ for kids and families.

Four Seasons Resort Orlando



chandy by night

The first thing I noticed on entering the resort was the amazing chandelier you are greeted with by the stairs, it is supposed to represent fireworks, and as the day changes into night it only becomes even more stunning throwing dancing lights all around! Look closely over the balcony and you will spot a large hidden Mickey!

hidden mickey

We headed outside and found a reflections pond right outside which the ducks were currently enjoying! You can see lots of cabanas along the lake that guests can rent out and grill by the lake. One of my favorite areas was a seating area that had a fun water feature that was a rotating clear ball over a fountain, very mesmerizing!

reflections pond

water ball

The first pool you come along is an adult only pool, gated off with child proof locks. Its called The Oasis and features under water audio!

the oasis

The part we were most excited to go see was Explorer Island, that features a family pool, a Splash Zone, a Lazy River, and The Drop.

This whole area is pretty amazing. The Splash Zone features an interactive fountain among ruins, I specifically loved the curtains of water falling from the arches, and at night the fountains light up all different colors. It’s beautiful!

splash pad Four Seasons Resort Orlando

The Lazy River reminds me of something that you would find at the Atlantis Resort!

It’s an 11,008 sq ft lazy river, and even has canons by the splash pad that reach pretty far out.

Four Seasons Resort Orlando

So watch out fellow tubers passing by, those kids standing by watching you may have hidden intentions! Cant wait to see these in action!


Four Seasons Resort Orlando

The Drop is their 242 foot water slide that’s made of see through fibre glass so you can watch your fall alllllllll the way down!

Four Seasons Resort Orlando

If you take the stairs up, you can get to The Mansion, that features tables tennis, bocce ball, pool tables, a fireplace, additional seating areas, and an observation deck to check out all the fun below!

Four Seasons Resort Orlando


After seeing the sunset around the pool we headed back inside to eat. We decided to eat at Ravello, a modern Italian restaurant located on the ground floor, and is linked to their bar upstairs.


I loved the lay out and seating in here, but I thought the live action “show Kitchen” was fun as you can watch the chefs prepare your food.

show kitchen

Four Seasons Resort Orlando

They had a limited menu since the opening isn’t until August 3rd, but it still had some great items on and really gave us an idea of what was to come.


I decided to order the Gnocchi, featuring gorgonzola, parmigano, provolone AND fontina cheeses! So delicious, and they even accommodated me not having the toasting walnuts on top due to my allergy, and ensured they used separate equipment and utensils too.


They had quite a long wine list to go with the menu, offering all of them by the bottle or by the individual glass. We were very tempted by the dessert since they had tiramisu but we were too full from our mains, so we will have to just go back to try those. I did enquire about whether they would be offering a Disney Cast Member discount, but they weren’t sure yet, so if you go make sure you ask about it as they may start to offer one. We loved this restaurant and we will go back once it has opened officially.


I loved getting to see around the Four Seasons Resort Orlando! The Resort is very beautiful, and with florida resident rates, I may have to go back!

On the way out through Golden Oak I spotted a Little Mermaid figurine with Sebastian and Flounder, very cute, see if you can find her too!

ariel Four Seasons Resort Orlando




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