Disney’s Pop Century Resort: This must be POP!

Disney’s Pop Century Resort holds some great memories for Kelly Christine, and so she is back to share her favorite things and tips about staying here!
Pop Century Resort Sign
As I admitted last week, there are times I don’t stay at DVC resorts. One of those times tends to be when a large group of my friends get together for an event.
Pop Century Resort Inside Lobby
When events like this happen, we tend to rent out a block of rooms together at Pop Century. For the trips that you’re not going to spend much time relaxing, this is a great place for a quality experience at a reasonable price tag.
Pop Century Resort Everything Pop
Disney’s Pop Century Resort just turned 10 years old this past December and is quite a large resort with almost 3000 rooms.
Pop Century Resort Years
The resort is divided up by the later decades of the 20th century and all the pop culture that goes along with it. Originally there was going to be a second half of this resort but instead the buildings were converted into the resort we know as Art of Animation. There is a bridge that connects the resorts so you can see what the other half of the resort became instead.
Pop Century Resort Petals
Some of my favorite memories with friends were made at this resort, we would spend our days running around the resort and our evenings we would takeover a few tables by the pool and laugh until all hours of the night.
Pop Century Resort Decor
When I think back on my trips to Disney’s Pop Century Resort, I remember what happened outside of the parks more than inside the parks.

Tips for Enjoying Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Pop Century Resort Brownie
Tip 1: Get a brownie sundae! I’m not a cheesecake fan so I can’t recommend the tie-dyed cheesecake but I can confirm the brownie sundae is delicious.
Pop Century Resort Ping Pong Balls
Tip 2: Play some ping pong! Grab a ping pong ball from the gumball dispensers next to Petals Pool Bar and have some fun!
Pop Century Resort Pool
Tip 3: Unwind by the pool! After the end of a long day, I recommend grabbing a cool beverage (Piña Colava or water are my favorites at Pop) and relaxing with friends. My friends and I didn’t go to a nighttime show most nights and instead enjoyed catching up with each other while unwinding from the day.
Pop Century Resort Walkway
Tip 4: The Pop Century Resort has an AMAZING loop of songs that play, and you will find yourself singing whenever you are out! It is awesome!
Pop Century Resort POP
Have you been to Disney’s Pop Century Resort? What’s your favorite part about staying here? Do you have a favorite tip or memory?
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