Day of the Shirt Mobile App Review

Some of you may have noticed my *slight* t-shirt problem. Or, you may have noticed us tweet out some of our favorite shirts occasionally. Most of these are due in thanks to a great website and mobile app called Day of the Shirt. This app is available for iphone only at this time, but they also have a great website, facebook and twitter account.

The premise of the app and the Day of the Shirt website is that there are quite a few t-shirt sites out there and it is hard to keep track of them all. The app updates on a daily or weekly basis with feeds from dozens of different shirt sites. This way, instead of having to go to a bunch of websites each day, you can get one push notification daily with all the updates. Most of these sites offer shirts at affordable prices for a very limited period of time, ranging from 24 hour to a week. Some of the sites start as low as $6 for their shirts and average around $10-12, with shipping ranging from free to around $3.

I find this app to be a great addition to help me keep track of the latest and greatest shirt designs. Most of the sites feature what’s hot in pop culture or may run a theme of a classic movie/tv/game. Today’s shirts include things like Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Star Wars, Sleeping Beauty, Captain America, Indiana Jones, Monty Python, Pac-Man, He-Man, Stitch, Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Harry Potter, Frozen and even more that I don’t get without looking them up.

When you click on the picture of a particular shirt, a window pops up and shows a close up of the shirt with a link to the site selling the shirt and the price. There are options to click to go to the site or to share the shirt right from the app. The settings for the push notifications are pretty straightforward with the option to sort by normal order or newest shirts first. You can also set push notifications on or off and what time you want them sent.

The sites I’ve ordered most frequently from are TeeFury (which their shirts often run small), Pop-Up Tees, Ript, Unamee and Woot! Each site usually shows their individual sizing charts, so be sure to consult these before ordering. And if, like me, your cat happens to jump on you and change your shirt size while you are checking out, maybe email the company right away explaining what happened and they may fix it for you. The good news is, often if you miss out on the time window for one of your favorite shirts, they offer them at higher prices from the vault at like $18 instead of $10.

App shows as Today’s Shirts
Photo May 22, 2 20 18 AM
Some of the shirts on sale today
Photo May 22, 2 20 24 AM
App settings
Photo May 22, 2 21 04 AM
Olaf shirt close up
Photo May 22, 2 21 09 AM
Share options from within the app
Photo May 22, 2 21 19 AM
Link from the app to seller’s site

Shout out to our friend Scarlett for introducing me to this site. I figured it was about time I shared the love. I have a love/hate relationship with this app. I love the awesome shirts that I have now because of it, but hate how much money it makes me part with. Have you used it before? Will you now you know about it? Good luck and happy shopping!

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