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American AdventureI thought it was long overdue that I resurrect this fun series I started a couple years ago. Patriotism in the Parks is meant to focus on Americana in the Disney parks. You can check out my previous posts about Victory Gardens, the Hall of Flags and the Hall of Presidents. This time around I’ll be taking a look at the American Adventure in Epcot.

The American Adventure is a three part experience if you want to do it right. The five story building in Epcot’s World Showcase is built with forced perspective to make the colonial style building only appear to be three stories tall. Housed inside, the American Adventure attraction is the primary reason most people visit this pavilion. To me, it is a fantastic show, and one of my favorites, but if you don’t check out the other two attractions here, you are missing out!

The American Heritage Gallery is probably the part of the American Adventure that is most easily overlooked. It is situated along the right side of the lobby rotunda and has played host to revolving exhibits over the years. Currently, the exhibit is based around the Kinsey Collection, primarily consisting of African-American art and artifacts. You can read more about it in the press release here. I highly recommend taking at least a good 10 – 15 minutes to browse this beautiful gallery.

VoicesVoices of Liberty is the second attraction located in the American Adventure. This for me, may be my favorite by a slight margin over the American Adventure attraction. These a capella singers take on primarily traditional Americana and colonial songs. Occasionally they will mix in some newer material, but for the most part their material is comprised of songs most of us are familiar with from school if you grew up in this country. At the holidays they change their set to cover mostly Christmas carols with a few other holiday songs interspersed. My favorite time to see them all year is the Fourth of July! Their military medley and rendition of Golden Dream from the American Adventure move me to tears each time.
Ben and Mark

The American Adventure attraction is about a 30 minute show featuring dozens of audio animatronics on stage taking guests through the history of this great nation. Ben Franklin and Mark Twain acts at hosts/narrators as the story of the founding of America progresses into the 18th, 19th, 20th and even 21st centuries. We learn about the Revolutionary War, Civil War, Westward expansion, World War II, up to today, and a lot in between. This is one of my favorite shows featuring audio animatronics and features some great music, as well as video and radio clips of famous events throughout America’s history. The attraction focuses on several snapshots in time to give a broad overview of how America became the country it is today.

Have you visited the American Adventure in Epcot? What is your favorite part of this pavilion?

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