Caribbean Beach Resort Tips With Kelly Christine

Caribbean BeachA long, long time ago, in a resort category away, I used to stay at non Disney Vacation Club resorts. Alright, I still stay at non DVC resorts, just not as frequently. Before 2008, when I signed my DVC contract, I preferred one and only one resort, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Even after six years of owning DVC, members of my family prefer Caribbean Beach to the DVC resorts. I completely believe it’s underrated as far as moderate resorts go. For me it’s the perfect location and the best resort for someone bringing new people to experience the magic of Walt Disney World.

Caribbean Beach is one of the older resorts, which opened in 1988. It’s also a massively large resort with over 2,000 rooms, though to me it feels around the same size as Old Key West with a similar ambiance. Despite how large this resort is, I feel as though it’s easy to walk around this resort, though internal buses are available to get around if you prefer to save your feet for the parks. I recommend taking a walk around this resort sometime and checking out what it has to offer.

Here are three tips for you to enjoy the resort a bit more:

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When staying here, I recommend Trinidad South. I know if you look on the resort map it seems really far from everything but it isn’t that bad. It’s a 10 minute walk to Old Port Royale, it’s usually the last stop before the bus heads to the parks (not always, but pretty regularly), and you have a fantastic quiet pool nearby. My favorite thing to do while staying at Trinidad South is to have a late swim to wind down my day while listening to Illuminations and/or Fantasmic.

Tip 2:

While on vacation I like to get up early and walk around the resort. I recommend bringing your camera and getting shots of the sunrising around the resort. It’s stunning! If you’re lucky, you may also see some hot air balloons traveling around the area.

Tip 3:

Have dinner at Shutters! It’s not a very busy restaurant but has some nice entrees that my unadventurous family has enjoyed. I recommend the short ribs as they are quite delicious and have a nice Caribbean flair.


Have you stayed at Caribbean Beach? What do you enjoy about it? Do you recommend another area for optimal resort enjoyment?

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