Star Wars Weekends 2014 : What I Am Looking Forward To The Most

Star Wars Weekends 2014 is full of some new and returning special offerings that make this event one of my favorites of the entire year!

Here are just a few of the things that make me even more excited about Star Wars Weekends 2014!

FastPass+ Integration

This is the first year that you will be able to use FastPass+ to book Star Wars Weekends 2014 shows at the Premiere Theater such as Behind the Force – Star Wars: Rebels, Stars of the Saga and Obi-Wan and Beyond starring James Arnold Taylor.

So make sure you hop on My Disney Experience to see if there are any still available!

Augmented Reality

There was a tweet from Gary Buchanan that popped up in my timeline about Augmented Reality coming to Star Wars Weekends 2014!

Star Wars Weekends 2014

Needless to say I am now following @Aurasma and have downloaded the app!

Specialty Popcorn Buckets and Mugs

I will openly admit this…I am an absolute sucker for themed popcorn buckets and mugs, and these will be mine!!!

Star Wars Weekends 2014

Star Wars Weekends Gift Cards

I have a pile of used Disney Gift Cards that I just can’t bear to get rid of, and these Star Wars Weekends 2014 giftcards will hopefully be in my pile soon!

Star Wars Weekends 2014

Star Wars Weekends Cupcakes

Why choose one Star Wars Weekends 2014 cupcake when you can have two? The Darth Vader and Yoda cupcakes look adorable and delicious, and can be found at Sunset Ranch Market, ABC Commissary, Backlot Express, Studio Catering Company, Pizza Planet Arcade and Darth’s Mall.


Symphony in the Stars

Star Wars Weekends 2014

While Hyperspace Hoopla’s absence has caused me to shed a tear or two, I am excited to see Symphony in the Stars! If you haven’t seen fireworks at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you HAVE to catch them during Star Wars Weekends 2014! This isn’t really an option!

Character Dining

Star Wars Galactic Dine-In Star Wars Weekends 2014

We had the chance to experience the Star Wars Galactic Dine-In Breakfast at the Sci-Fi Dine-In and it was amazing! I absolutely cannot recommend this experience enough, and the bonus is that you can experience this any time during the week and not just during Star Wars Weekends 2014!

Legends of the Force:  Star Wars Celebrity Motorcade

Star Wars Weekends 2014

Star Wars Weekends 2014

I love a good parade…so if you add Star Wars characters, celebrities, and lots of Stormtroopers I am ALL in!!! I love watching this parade!!!

Star Wars Weekends 2014

What are you most looking forward to during Star Wars Weekends 2014?

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