An Open Love Letter To Captain America

Captain America

Dear Cap,

I know at first it took me a bit to decide you were my favorite Avenger, or Marvel superhero for that matter, but since I made that declaration I’ve never looked back. That doesn’t mean I don’t still love Logan and Tony too, but you, Steve (or should I call you Captain Rogers?), are the bees knees. Your entire persona is what I have been looking for my whole life in a man. You have that whole boy next door thing going on, but you have an edge to you too. From what I can tell, you never hesitate to stand up and fight for what is right to defend this county and the entire planet.

I never grew up knowing you well from the comic books, but was always drawn to your patriotic uniform. Even in my high school senior yearbook I was known for wearing red, white and blue, and wore a sweater with the American flag on it for my senior picture. So, we definitely have the love of our country in common. I think you, Captain, also have a work ethic that is unquestionable. I adore this about you. You put the needs of your country above your own and make sacrifices for others without thinking twice. This is quite the admirable trait.

I’ve always felt like I grew up in the wrong era, and that I was an old soul. My college admissions essay was focused around this, which I’m sure you can understand as a man “out of time.” Your respect for women and your manners in general are qualities hard to find in a guy these days. Captain, your list keeping of what you need to catch up on from your “nap” is adorable (and I love that Sean Connery is on that list).

Captain America, you are a man admired by other men, desired by women, and a role model for everyone. You sir, are a shining beacon in these dark times and I love that you hold true to what you know. You really are of the greatest generation and exemplify some of their finest qualities. I hope someday we can meet, maybe at Disneyland in November? Keep on doing your thing, Cap.




P.S. I loved your latest movie and can’t wait to see it again and again as it is probably my favorite superhero/action movie ever.

P.P.S. Your friend Thor says hi.


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