Merchandise Spotlight – Walt Disney World January 7, 2014

This week’s Merchandise Spotlight takes us to Walt Disney World to look at some fun shirts for the guys!

I thought that I would start with my personal favorite…the sweater t-shirt! I love how absolutely these fun t-shirts, and they’re ideal for Florida where it has been way too warm for sweaters lately!

Merchandise Spotlight
Hey Mickey! It’s not often that you find a good navy t-shirt.
Merchandise Spotlight
I like how this one has a knit/pixelated feel.
Merchandise Spotlight
This one is just too sweet!
Merchandise Spotlight
Skiing anyone?

Looking to show your inner John Lasseter? Here are two Hawaiian Shirts for you!

Merchandise Spotlight
I like how you have to look really closely at this pattern to find the Disney Characters.
Merchandise Spotlight
Surfing Mickey? Hula dancing Donald? You can’t go wrong!

When I was peeking around, I found a shirt that I have to get for myself! I found this really fun soccer jersey that has some great details on the front and back. It’s a little pricey, but I think I will have to splurge for this one!

Merchandise Spotlight
This jersey is too cool for school!

I am also really digging on this vintage athletic line of Walt Disney World Merchandise! I did notice that this line sports more of a athletic cut, more room in the shoulders and slimmer cut through the body, so you’ll definitely want to keep that in mind when you are shopping for your special guy.

Merchandise Spotlight
I like how collegiate this sweatshirt feels.
Merchandise Spotlight
This lightweight pullover would be ideal for the slightly chilly nights we get in Florida.
Merchandise Spotlight
This green is absolutely perfect!

And finally, there are two Walt Disney World t-shirts that I thought were worth mentioning.

Merchandise Spotlight
If you liked this shirt at Disneyland, you are going to love it at Walt Disney World!
Merchandise Spotlight
These glow in the dark shirts seem like they would be a lot of fun!!!

I hope that you enjoyed window shopping with me!

And if you missed last week’s Merchandise Spotlight, never fear you can find it here!



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