My Swiss Family Treehouse Story

Growing up Swiss Family Robinson was one of my most favorite movies of all times, and I remember running up these stairs of the Swiss Family Treehouse on my first visit with a spring in my step (I was only 9 at the time)!

Now I still venture up the 116 stairs of the Disneyodendron Eximus, but my spring is more of a jaunt now!

Swiss Family Treehouse

If you haven’t seen the movie, the Swiss Family Treehouse recreates the home the Robinson family built following a shipwreck.

When their ill-fated ship, the Swallow, becomes stranded off the coast of an uninhabited South Seas island after a pirate attack, the Robinson family unites to build a new home inside a huge tree, utilizing wreckage from the ship. But the pirates return, and the Robinson family must band together and evade capture.


The Swiss Family Treehouse is a walk-though tour that takes about 15-20 minutes on a somewhat busy day, so if you’re unable to climb the stairs on your own or with the aid of someone within your party, it is recommended that you skip this attraction.

Swiss Family Treehouse

After you cross a bridge that lies at the foot of a large leafy tree, you will find a large wooden wheel gathers water from a stream and carries it up to the various rooms inside the Treehouse. And as you look further up at the 6 story tree covered with over 300,000 leaves, you will find open-air rooms that are full of great details from the movie.

Swiss Family Treehouse

If you are a fan of the movie, you will absolutely appreciate all of the rooms in the Treehouse! There are so many great details that will put a smile on your face!

Swiss Family Treehouse

The Living Room
Mahogany furniture, dishware and an organ mingle alongside the large wheel from the shipwrecked Swallow ship.
The Kitchen and Dining Room
A clamshell sink, a volcanic stone hearth and oven, and a table with benches are just some of the more modern conveniences you’ll see.
The Crow’s Nest
See the living quarters of sons Fritz, Ernst and Francis, complete with hammocks, a ragged chest and strewn clothing.
Home to antique books, a desk, a handmade bamboo chair and a lantern, this is where the Robinsons came to feed their minds and their souls.
Jungle Lookout 
Boasting panoramic views from the top of the tree, this perch provided the Robinsons with serenity during their stay on the island.
View at the Top
Those who reach the summit of the treehouse will enjoy 360-degree views of Adventureland and Magic Kingdom park, particularly the river on which the Jungle Cruise boats sail. At over 6 stories high, it’s a spectacular sight to see!

Swiss Family Treehouse

Swiss Family Treehouse is a lot of fun, but it definitely isn’t for the faint of heart or for those looking to have a leisurely visit to the Magic Kingdom.

I really love this attraction, and hope that you enjoyed joining me while I re-visited some of my favorite childhood memories!

Swiss Family Treehouse

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