Biking in Celebration, Florida

One of my favorite places that we ride is through out the Celebration, Florida bike trails.

Celebration is located near Disney World and it was actually developed by the Walt Disney Company itself. I mean, it’s literally connected to Disney World through one of Disney’s main roads, World Drive. So yeah, it’s got a small town feel to it and it’s really nicely designed and very well kept up.

While there aren’t any set trail paths per say, there are numerous boardwalks and paths all over the place!

We normally start out having lunch/early dinner at Thai Thani before our ride so that we have some fuel. While it may not be the best of fuel, it serves it’s purpose for us 🙂


There are numerous places to park in Celebration and pretty much wherever you park you can start your ride from there.


We normally go around a couple of the neighborhoods and check out some of the amazing houses and lakes. And then head to the boardwalks.

Whatever path you take, either around the lakes or the sidewalks throughout the street, you’ll find a boardwalk sooner or later.


When you come to one, just take it.


Who knows where it’ll lead you, but I can bet that you’ll find your way back to your car after your ride.

The past couple of times we rode around Celebration we ended up going around the golf course via a sidewalk.


We normally do between seven and eight miles and I always feel like I want to do more around there because it’s so nice, but we tend to start biking later in the afternoon and by the time we finish it’s getting dark.


If you don’t have a bike to ride, there is a bike rental place near the Bohemian Hotel. You can rent all different kinds of bikes!

IMG_1117 IMG_1118 IMG_1116

Do you have a favorite activity to do while hanging out in Celebration?

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