The Container Store Orlando is Now Open!

Anyone else crazy about having their home organized?

Anyone else not sure where to start when you realize your house is out of control?

Both of those situations are me 100%, which is why I was (and still am!) SUPER excited about Orlando’s newest addition – The Container Store!!

As soon as I walked in I was overwhelmed (in the best way possible!)


As hard as it is to believe, this is the 60th location and this is the first one I have ever been in. While I have been super tempted to drive to Miami just to see it and even more so when one opened in Tampa a few months ago, I wanted to wait and see the Orlando store first.

There were so many products that I saw while doing the tour that I knew I needed and MANY more items that I saw and then realized that I had to have…who knew there were so many options and awesome ways to store items?!

Some examples, The Container Store has…

80 styles of hangers.


350 travel products.


45 laundry hampers.


120 ways to store food.


700 office products.


…and a BUNCH of different trash and recycling options.


As you can tell, there are standard color options and also bright and fun colors as well.


The amazing part about The Container Store company itself is that it’s an employee first company. Every full time employee gets more than 263 hours of training in the first year of working. The crazier part is that the average for retail employees is just 7 to 10 hours! So yes, these guys and gals know what they are talking about. They aren’t commission based, so they really are there to help you out and to help better your home – closet, garage, office, bathroom, kitchen – you name it!


Think this place can’t get any better? They offer additional options besides strictly just shopping in-store and online…
Click & Pickup – Order online and pick it up in-store
Call & Pickup – Order over the phone and pick it up in-store
Bonus bonus: Curbside pickup!

The Container Store is located near Millenia Mall at
4088 Millenia Blvd
Orlando, FL 32839

Store hours are
Monday – Saturday 9am-9pm
Sunday 11am-6pm

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