7th Annual Wekiva Paintout




Sunday – March 3, 2013
Artist arriving

Monday – March 4, 2013
Gallery Open 5pm to 9pm

Tuesday – March 5, 2013
Gallery Open 11am to 10pm

Wednesday – March 6, 2013
Gallery Open 11am to 10pm
Art Auction at 8pm, preview begins at 7pm

Thursday – March 7, 2013
Gallery Open 11am to 10pm

Friday – March 8, 2013
Gallery Open 10am to 11pm with live music
Food Truck Dining at Wekiva Island
Sunset Paint In (6:20PM sunset)
Crescent moon Paint In after dark

Saturday – March 9, 2013
Gallery open 10am to 4pm
QUICK DRAW 12 – 2pm
Private Patron reception 6-7pm
GALA at Wekiva Island at 7pm with Music, Beer/Wine, and Food.

*Purchase Gala tickets by clicking here for $25 each

Sunday – March 10, 2013
Artists departing

*schedule subject to change


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