Guy Fawkes Day Celebration at Epcot November 5th

Union Jack

This coming Monday, November 5th, the UK pavilion at Epcot will celebrate Guy Fawkes Day. Like the festivities they have been featuring in some of the other World Showcase countries, the UK will play host to a celebration for guests to focus on a date important to the host pavilion. Similar festivities have been held in Canada, America and Mexico earlier this year.

From 11am – 5pm, guests are invited to take part in learning more about the holiday from UK Cast Members. Once they finish the discovery experience, guests will collect a certificate of completion and prizes from the Kidcot fun stop. The pavilion will also be decorated with penants and buntings in the colors of the flag.

Guy Fawkes Day focuses on an attempt to blow up the House of Parliament on November 5, 1605. It was an unsuccessful try to assassinate King James I. One of the conspirators who was to supply the gunpowder was Guy Fawkes. The celebration is also known in the UK as Bonfire or Fireworks Night.

I love how Epcot is adding these fun and educational activities to the countries of World Showcase. It gives those of us who frequent the parks pretty much weekly a chance to experience different things that keep it fresh and new. They are the little things that are great for kids young and old. I hope they keep coming up with innovative ways to illuminate the history and culture of the countries.

I was fortunate enough to participate in the Fourth of July celebration in America earlier this year and loved the trivia aspect of it as well as learning some new things. Have you ever taken part in any of these celebrations? Will you be around on Monday to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day and lift a pint in the UK?

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