A Different Perspective on Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream

One of the most common questions that I have been asked is “Do you ever get bored of going to the parks all of the time?”, and I can honestly answer that I don’t. I do get in ruts where I visit one park more than others (sorry Animal Kingdom), and I love finding new ways to visit and enjoy my favorite attractions.

Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is one of those attractions that I could explore for hours!!! It is such an amazing look into the history and legacy of Walt Disney.

On one of my visits I decided that I would take some time to view it from a slightly different perspective, and this is what I found!

I hope you enjoy my journey through the exhibits!!!

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Author: Shelley

When she isn't chasing her chihuahuas, daughter, or cheering for her Hokies you can find Shelley On the Go in the Central Florida Area and on-air with WDBO News 96.5 on Friday evenings!

8 thoughts on “A Different Perspective on Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream”

  1. I really like that they change out the artifacts in there from time to time…it makes every visit a chance to discover something new.

  2. Love this! That pre-show/exhibit is one of the best things in WDW. For new Disney fans or first timers in the parks, I love it because it gives a very realistic history of how things happened and started. For us crazy Disney folks, it’s just super cool to be able to see those artifacts in person and see some of the stories behind it. I always cry at OMD! ALWAYS!

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