Storybook Circus Update

Storybook Circus

The other day, I was so excited to see some of the new elements in the Storybook Circus area of the New Fantasyland expansion in the Magic Kingdom. I had not looked at any pictures, so I had no preconceived notions and hadn’t really done any research about the Big Top Souvenirs, Pete’s Silly Sideshow and the new open seating and food areas. Like the other sections of New Fantasyland that have been revealed so far, my expectations have been far exceeded.

Storybook Circus Characters

My Storybook Circus Day In Pictures

So I have a new obsession, and that is visiting Storybook Circus!

I have been almost everyday since it opened, and Betsy and I have take a ton of pictures which you can find on the On the Go in MCO Facebook page.

But I thought that I would post a few pictures I took yesterday since I got to talk about my obsession on Magic Mornings on Magic 24.7 Radio!

I hope that you enjoy these and make sure that you follow @onthegoinmco for daily pictures and updates from the parks!!!